Mysterious Hunters of the Night

Our exhibition centers on the intriguing hunters of the night. Native and tropical bats, flying foxes and, last not least, vampires are the principal characters in the world of bats.
Noctalis is open all year round and presents what is going on in the winter months in the Segeberg cave a few feet below. About 22000 bats hibernate there to survive the cold season when hardly any insects can be found. And at Noctalis, you can also admire other cave animals, which have adapted to the harsh environment underground.

Watch Tropical Bats All Year Round
In our Noctarium, visitors can marvel at our Seba`s Short-tailed Bats. These tropical bats give birth twice a year, so the baby bats have to grow independent rather quickly. If you like, you can "adopt" the Seba`s Short-tailed Bats by becoming a sponsor to them, or you can make sponsorship a gift to a friend. Please contact us for further information.

More Information on Bats and Bat Protection
Would you like to read more about bat protection or help to protect bats yourself? For interesting websites focussed on this issue see our Bat Links:


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